British Embassy in Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic has a British Embassy in the capital city of Santo Domingo near the Naco Hotel and Casino. If you need assistance from the British Embassy then call them on the numbers listed below or send them an email. Their opening and closing hours we have listed below and a map so you may see where it is located.

Needing a British visa then call them and find out what the requirements are for a visa. British Passports are also issued if you had your stolen or you may simply need to renew your British passport at the Embassy.


British Embassy in Dominican Republic British Embassy in Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ave 27 de Febrero No 233

Edificio Corominas Pepin

Santo Domingo

City: Sto. Domingo

Phone:  (809) 472 7111

Fax:  (809) 472 7574


Office Hours: GMT: Mon-Thurs: 1200-2030 Fri: 1200-1700

Local Time: Mon-Thurs: 0800-1630 Fri: 0800-1300


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