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Top 10 Expat Destinations

British ConsulateIf you have ever wondered what the top 10 expat destination are then you need not think to much about as the British government has kept track of everyone and has provided this is a table format under the British Abroad publication which have also listed here.

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British Embassy in Hong Kong

British Consulate

If you are in Hong Kong then you will find the British Embassy in Hong Kong listed below. If you wish to visit Britain then you can apply for a British visa in Hong Kong. If you are married to a British national then speak to the embassy and if you wish to renew or apply for an emergency British passport then the embassy in Hong Kong will be able to assist.

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British Immigration 2013

British ConsulateA look at the year in review from the stats released by the British government makes for interesting reading. The bulk of visa extension had been from a handful of countries making up 68% of the visa extensions.

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Celebration of 40 years in Vietnam

British ConsulateVietnam – 19 December 2013. The British warship Daring docked in Vietnam at the port of Tien Sa close to the city of Da Nang. This will be a 4 day call at the port in celebration of 40 years of diplomatic relations between the UK and Vietnam.

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Gambia: British Ambassador Visits Farm

The Gambia – 19 December 2013 the British Ambassador for the British Embassy in Gambia has concluded his visit to an oyster farm in The West African country which had been funded by his office. The visit to the oyster farm started at the Denton Bridge which is close to the towns of Ebo town and Abuko who benefit from the project.

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British Nationals Flee South Sudan

Sudan – 19 December 2013 the British government is evacuating all British nationals out of Southern Sudan. The British Embassy in Sudan is being closed until such time that the violence stops.

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British Nationals in the Middle East

Many British expats live and work in the Middle East. As high lighted in the Top10 Expat Destinations we note that Dubai has become very popular for British nationals not to retire but to work in the Middle East. This has come with its own issues and these are some of them.

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