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Travel Advice : Uzbekistan

British ConsulateStay away from the borders with Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan when in Uzbekistan. Most British nationals who do enter Uzbekistan have trouble free arrivals and stays. Certain medicines may be a problem when you arrive so ensure you have a prescription for them when you arrive. If you have any problems or concerns then contact the British Embassy in Uzbekistan for assistance.

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Travel Advice : Venezuela

British ConsulateWith an ongoing drug war the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to within 80km (50 miles) of the Colombian border while in Venezuela. There have also been violent protests in Merida City and this has affected the tourist areas. Always speak to your local travel agent before booking. Street crime is high however with more than 9,000 British nationals visiting Venezuela there has been few incidents for consular assistance. If you do experience problems then contact the British Embassy in Venezuela for assistance.

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Travel Advice : Vietnam

British ConsulateThere have been a number of anti-China protests in 2014 but this has died down. The Tropical cyclones affect the eastern coastal regions. The season normally runs from May to November and you need to remember this if you are coming to Vietnam on holiday. Like anywhere else if you do experience problems then contact the British Embassy in Vietnam for assistance.

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Travel Advice : Western Sahara

British ConsulateThere is no British Embassy or High Commission for Western Sahara so you would need to contact the British Embassy in Rabat for assistance if you are having problems in the area. The Western Sahara area is a disputed area and dangerous. You should stay far away from the disputed borders sure to kidnappings and unexploded ordinances.

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Travel Advice : Yemen

British ConsulateThe British government has warned all travelers to leave Yemen due to the political situation and has advised all British nationals to leave after an anti tank rocket was fired at the US Embassy in Yemen in September 2014. There have been a number of kidnappings in Yemen including a South African teacher who was killed after being held for ransom.

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Travel Advice : Zambia

British ConsulateMore than 60,000 British nationals visit Zambia each year without any incident. Note that traveling close to the borders with the DRC and other neighboring countries are done at risk to your life due to landmines. Dont travel after dark in Zambia especially in the North Western, Copperbelt, Central and Luapula provinces close to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Speak to the British High Commission in Zambia if you are in trouble.

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Travel Advice : Zimbabwe

British ConsulateThe following is a basic break down of travel advice fro the British Home Office for British citizens abroad. The following is a break down of Zimbabwe and the travel advice for the country with some basic issues covered. If you are in need of assistance while in Zimbabwe then contact the British High Commission in Zimbabwe for advice and assistance.

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Television Standards by Country

If you are moving overseas and need to know about importing your television then maybe you should first look at the type of signal which is used in the country. The embassies normally don’t have time for this type of information however it is important in planning your immigration/emigration to a new country. These are the most up-to-date listings.

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Travel Advice – Algeria

The advisory is the collection of country information from a number of embassies who from time to time update their travel advisory for a country. These are from the US Embassy, British Embassy and also from the Canadian Embassy websites. Before you travel always send an email to the embassy to ask advice about travel in the country as situations can change overnight.

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