Travel Advice for Togo

British ConsulateHere is your Travel Advice for Togo. There is no diplomatic mission in Togo so if you need assistance then contact the British High Commission in Ghana

for assistance. Protests do occur in Lomé so be careful and stay away from any demonstrations in the country. You are advised to use caution while in the country.

Travel Advice for Togo

Togo is a small West African country with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant local life. It offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from beautiful beaches to historical landmarks and vibrant markets. Here are some travel advice to make your trip to Togo enjoyable and safe.


Violent crime and robberies are very common in Togo and you should be very cautious in Lomé along the beach and in the markets. Don’t travel alone even in the large cities and do not travel at night as car-jackings are very common. Scam artists in West Africa are common targeting British nationals with business ventures, employment offers and 419 scams. If you are going out to sea then note that piracy and armed robbery is also common. Also avoid swimming in the sea when in Togo. There are not many expats in Togo however if you need immediate assistance then you can call the Honorary Consul:

Mr Rodney Wade
Honorary Consulate of the UK
45 Rue Canaris Be Chateau,
Lome BP 13956 Togo

Telephone: +228 2222714
Mobile: +228 9001 0801
Fax & voice messages universal #: (44) (0) 709 217 8028


Local Laws

You are best served getting a visa for Togo before you leave. There is no Embassy in the UK however you can contact them in France.

Togo Embassy in Paris (address: 8 Rue Alfred–Roll, 75017 Paris. Telephone: (00) (33 1) 43 80 12 13)

Togo is a mainly cash-based society and credit cards are rarely accepted, especially Mastercard. There are some ATMs at major banks in Lomé, dispensing local currency (West African CFA). Take care when using your credit card or an ATM.


Yellow Fever vaccination is required for travelers arriving from all countries. Ensure you have travel insurance. Medical facilities are very poor. Emergency facilities are extremely limited. For serious medical treatment, medical evacuation would be necessary. You will also note that water-borne diseases in Togo (including cholera), tuberculosis, meningitis and malaria are common. Also note that 2.9% of the adult population has HIV which is about 10 times higher than the UK.

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