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British Embassy in Qatar

British ConsulateDoha is home to the British Embassy in Qatar. If you live in the Middle East and need assistance then you should contact the British embassy in Doha. We have listed the contact details below with telephone numbers, street address and also a map to the embassy. Read More »

British Embassy in Kuwait

British ConsulateIf you know where the Platinum Men’s Club is in Kuwait City then the British Embassy in right up the road from that place. We have listed their latest contact details including a map and their street address, contact numbers and also their operating hours. Like other British Embassies in the Middle East you will note that they are closed on Fridays but are open on weekends. They can assist you with a British visa, renew your British passport or register a marriage , birth or death while in Kuwait.

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Consular Assistance

British ConsulateThe as listed below would be for January 2015 and may change by the time you read this. The have been listed for each country here in the local currency as of April 2013. Call the relevant embassy to find out what their new fees may be. Again these PDF documents are only good as at the time of this post. The consular fees are listed as follows by each country and the government keeps it up to date every 2-3 months. See listing on this website for registering a marriage, birth, death or obtaining a new passport.

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British Embassy in Saudi Arabia

British ConsulateIf you are in Saudi Arabia then you can seek advice and assistance at the British Embassy or Consulate in Saudi Arabia. We have listed the contact details for the embassy and the consulate below with their telephone numbers, street address and  a map to the embassy.

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British Embassy in Tunisia

British ConsulateThe British Embassy in Tunisia is located in the city of Tunis close the the US Embassy. If you are in Tunisia and in need of assistance then the British embassy can assist you in an emergency or if you need to apply for a passport.

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British Embassy in Yemen

British ConsulateIf you are visiting Yemen then speak to the staff at the British Embassy in Yemen. They will be able to provide you with consular assistance and also allow you to register your marriage in Yemen at the embassy, register a British national born aboard or even register a death.

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British Nationals in the Middle East

Many British expats live and work in the Middle East. As high lighted in the Top10 Expat Destinations we note that Dubai has become very popular for British nationals not to retire but to work in the Middle East. This has come with its own issues and these are some of them.

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British Consulate Dubai

British ConsulateThe British Embassy in Dubai is located in Dubai an there is also an embassy in Abu Dhabi. We have now listed below what their contact telephone numbers below if you or your spouse want to apply for a British Spouse Visa, British Tourist Visa or contact the British Embassy in Dubai about renewing a British passport or obtaining a British passport.

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