British Embassy in Zimbabwe

British Consulate

Mount Pleasant in Harare is where you will find the British Embassy in Zimbabwe next to the Mt Pleasant Business Center. We have listed the contact details for the British embassy in Zimbabwe. we have listed the contact details as well as a map to the British Embassy in Zimbabwe. See the British Embassy Zimbabwe contact details.

British Embassy in Zimbabwe

If you need to renew your British passport or are looking at applying for a UK spouse visa or a UK fiancee visa you can call or email the embassy for assistance. We have listed the details for each British visa. The British embassy in Zimbabwe will also other consulate services as a British national such as registering a birth, death or if you have been arrested in Zimbabwe. The details are listed below.

In the event of a lost passport while in the country, it is necessary to report the incident to the Zimbabwean police in order to obtain a case number. Subsequently, a letter will be issued by the police which should be presented to the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport or apply for a new one while still in the country. So look at the UK passport tracking. With the temporary passport, one can exit the country, but if the person resides in Zimbabwean, they must await the issuance of a new passport, and have the old Zimbabwean visa transferred to the new passport. See the renew British passport as well as the emergency travel document UK contact number as well.

Consular Services

Firstly if one plans to get married, they must obtain a letter from the Embassy to prove that they are single, which usually takes a few days. Secondly it is essential to have original documents such as the divorce decree or death certificate of the last spouse. Lastly the authenticity of this letter must be verified by the Zimbabwean government and then translated and certified. Once this is completed, one can register their marriage in Zimbabwean using these documents. See also the fiance visa UK and the UK spouse visa.

See also the British Embassy in Vietnam and the British Embassy in Oman as well as the British Embassy Dubai.

British Embassy in Zimbabwe


British Embassy Harare

3 Norfolk Road,
Mount Pleasant,



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