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British nationals in Zimbabwe

British Embassy15 November 2017: Due to the uncertain political situation in Harare, including reports of unusual military activity, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office recommend British nationals currently in Harare to remain safely at home or in their accommodation until the situation becomes clearer. You can contact the British High Commission in Zimbabwe for consular assistance and monitor the latest news for any updates.

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Travel Advice : Switzerland

British ConsulateMore than 700,000 British nationals visit Switzerland each year without much incident. Switzerland does have petty theft in the major cities. There is also the risk of avalanches so you should always check with the local news for information on the weather and take care when travelling. If you have any question then contact the British Embassy in Switzerland for advice, assistance and guidance.

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Travel Advice : Swaziland

British ConsulateNote that there is no British high Commission in Swaziland and you would need to contact the British High Commission in South Africa for advice and assistance. The crime rate in Swaziland is low however be careful when out and about in the country. Always visit the outlaying regions in a group and be careful after dark in downtown areas of  Mbabane and Manzini.

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Travel Advice : Taiwan

British ConsulateEach year about 38,000 tourist visit Taiwan and there are no problems with most of them. Taiwan does have small-scale petty crime however there is very little violent crime. Like all countries worldwide drug trafficking is heavily dealt with. Note that advance fee fraud can also be a problem in Taiwan.

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Travel Advice : Tanzania

British ConsulateMore than 75,000 British nationals visit Tanzania each year. Note that Tanzania has experienced an increase in crime as well as piracy being a problem. Road travel long distance as well as the use of ferries are not advisable. Ferry disasters have occurred in 2014. If you are in need to assistance then contact the British High Commission in Tanzania for assistance.

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