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British Embassies in South America

British EmbassyThere are a number of British Embassies and High commissions around the world. From British Embassies in South America to Asia, Africa and East Asia. If you need consular assistance then you can contact them or renew your British passport online. Search this website for more details on this.

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British Consulate in Recife

British ConsulateThere is now a British Consulate in Recife in Brazil. The contact details for this Consulate has been listed below. Note that the calls do at times get forwarded to the British Consulate in Sao Paulo. This is only a temporary issue. You can call or email them should you not be certain what to do when you are in need of assistance.

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British Consulate Rio de Janeiro

British ConsulateOn holiday in  Rio de Janeiro and in need of assistance then contact the British Consulate Rio de Janeiro for consular assistance. You can also contact the British Embassy in Brasilia for assistance if the Consulate cannot assist you. The contact details for the British Consulate in Rio has been listed below with a map and telephone and street address details.

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Consular Assistance

British ConsulateThe as listed below would be for January 2015 and may change by the time you read this. The have been listed for each country here in the local currency as of April 2013. Call the relevant embassy to find out what their new fees may be. Again these PDF documents are only good as at the time of this post. The consular fees are listed as follows by each country and the government keeps it up to date every 2-3 months. See listing on this website for registering a marriage, birth, death or obtaining a new passport.

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British High Commission in Barbados

British ConsulateThe British High Commission in Barbados is located in Bridgetown the capital city of Barbados close to the Department of Foreign Affairs. If you are wanting to visit the United Kingdom then you can apply for a visa while in Barbados. As you will note that it is not very popular noting the low number of applications from the country to the UK.

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British Embassy in Peru

British Consulate

If in Lima and in need of assistance then speak to the British Embassy in Lima Peru. The British Embassy in Peru can issue you with a new British passport if you lost yours or you can renew your British passport in Lima at the embassy. They can also assist you with a birth registration, marriage registration while abroad and a death registration.

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British Embassy in Nicaragua

British ConsulateIf you are in Nicaragua or in Costa Rica as a British national then you will find the British embassy located in San Jose in Costa Rica. This embassy covers both countries in South America. If you need to register a marriage in Costa Rica or Nicaragua then this is where it is done. You can also register a death or a birth at this embassy.

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British Embassy in Panama

British ConsulatePanama City is where you will find the British Embassy in Panama. We have listed their contact details below with their telephone number, email and also a map to the embassy in Panama. If you are wanting to report a birth, death, or a marriage then the British embassy will do this for you in Panama City.

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