British Embassy in Singapore

British ConsulateSingapore City is home to the British Embassy in Singapore or British High Commission in Singapore. The Embassy is close to the US Embassy in Singapore

and also close to the Thai Embassy in Singapore and the Canadian Embassy in Singapore. The British High Commission currently deals with 11,000 visitors a year so ensure that you have all the needed documents before you arrive at the embassy.

British Embassy in Singapore


They are very busy so be prompt and bring all needed documents. If you are married to a British national you can apply for a marriage visa or spouse visa. If you are engaged to be married or living together then you can apply for a fiancee visa or even a partner visa. Speak to the embassy for more details.

You can also renew your passport or apply for a new British passport at the embassy. The details of the British Embassy in Singapore is listed below. Note that the British High Commission in Singapore is around the corner from the US Embassy in Singapore if you get lost with the taxi. See also the British newborn in Singapore as well as Translators and Interpreters in Singapore and Notarial Services in Singapore. There is also a listing for Singapore Local Customs and Laws as well as a list called the Lawyers in Singapore.


British Embassy in Singapore


British High Commission Singapore Office

100 Tanglin Road

Telephone (+65) 6424 4200

Telephone (Visa) (+65) 6692 9873

Opening hours (except Office & Public Holidays): all Local times

Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 12.00pm
Additional hours on Wednesday – 2.00pm to 3.00pmOFFICE
Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 5:00pm


UK passport renewal Singapore

Note that from 10 December 2013, the application process will be centralised and British nationals in Singapore should submit their passport application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK. All the information required to make an application can be found at the emergency travel document as well as the UK abroad passport renewal while abroad. See your passport tracking online as well. Applicants will be required to send their applications to the Passport Customer Service Centre in Liverpool. There will be no change to processing times. See also the British Embassy in Asia links as well as the Life in the UK Test. The contact details for the British passport renewal Singapore is explained there.


Passport Customer Service Centre
PO Box 175
NP20 1XA
United Kingdom

Telephone number: +44 (0) 300 222 0000 |
Fax number: +44 (0) 1633 473899 |
Email: [](


Visa Application in Singapore, Singapore

In examining the British visa processing timelines in Singapore, Singapore, it is evident that various visa categories exhibit different approval patterns.

Firstly for visit visas, the data demonstrates a consistent trend towards higher approval rates as the processing time increases. Secondly Long Term Visit (more than 6 months) and General Visit (6 months or less) categories. Likewise, for instance, show significant improvements after the 10-day mark, reaching 100% approval rates at 15 days. Business Visit (6 months or less) and Family Visit (6 months or less) categories follow a similar pattern, indicating meticulous evaluation processes leading to approvals within two weeks. Transit (6 months or less) and Other Visit (6 months or less) categories also display swift processing, with approvals reaching 100% after 10 to 15 days.

Likewise the Points Based System Visas, PBS Tier 2 visas exhibit rapid approval rates, reaching 100% after 10 days. PBS Tier 4 visas show a gradual increase, reaching full approval at 15 days, while PBS Tier 5 visas demonstrate significant approval rates after 10 days, culminating in 100% at 15 days.

Lastly of Other Non-Settlement Visas, Student visas are swiftly processed, gaining approval within 5 days. EEA Family Permits exhibit high approval rates, reaching 100% after 10 days. Other Non-Settlement visas display a gradual increase in approval rates, attaining 100% at 60 days.


UK Visa Summary

Finally, for Settlement Visas, the data indicates a lengthier processing period, with 100% approval achieved at 60 days.

Likewise this analysis underscores the importance of understanding the specific processing times associated with each visa category. Lastly applicants are advised to plan their applications well in advance, considering the varying timelines for different types of visas in Singapore.



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