British Embassy in Hong Kong

British Consulate

If you are in Hong Kong then you will find the British Embassy in Hong Kong or British Consulate listed below. Likewise if you wish to visit Britain then you can apply for a British visa in Hong Kong. If you are married to a British national then speak to the embassy and if you wish to renew or apply for an emergency British passport then the embassy in Hong Kong will be able to assist.

British Embassy in Hong Kong


The details of the British Consulate has been listed below with a map, contact telephone numbers and also their email address. If you want to register a marriage or a baby born abroad then the British embassy in Hong Kong will be able to assist.

Note that certain services have now been cancelled to tourists and expats abroad. Passport renewals are no longer done except for emergency passports. UK visas are also not done and you would need to contact a visa application centre, see here

. Notary services have also been scaled back so you might need to contact a law firm in Hong Kong for this. Births are also not done and you now need to contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK.


british consulate hong kong

This is the UK Consulate Hong Kong and what you will need to know. You can also look bno visa free countries as well as bno passport renewal on this website. Likewise also note that the British Consulate may be able to offer notarial services, which would include administering an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration. they can also make a certified copy of a document, and preparing a document in English.

Notary and documentary services 

Note that the British Consulate General in Hong Kong provides a limited range of notarial and documentary services. This service is meant for British nationals in Hong Kong and Macao. You can also find a list of Lawyers in Hong Kong on this website. Note that it is beast to call and check and book an appointment while in Hong Kong. Likewise you will note that it is always best to check with the people you are providing documents to will accept the Consulates notarised documents.

What to take to your appointment

  • acceptable proof of your identity.
  • proof of address.
  • proof that there is a specific requirement for this service to be provided by the British Consulate General

You will need to bring your passport or ID card. Also proof of address such as a utility bill. You will also need to show what you are going to do at the embassy or consulate as in what services you are going to be using.

British Passport

Note that British passport renewal Hong Kong can be done online. Likewise see the emergency travel document as well as the UK abroad passport renewal while abroad. You can also complete your passport tracking online. See how this is done. The UK passport renewal Hong Kong can be completed paid for and tracked online. See that page on this website.


British Embassy in Hong Kong


British Consulate General Hong Kong

1 Supreme Court Road
Hong Kong
  • Main switchboard (+852) 2901 3000
  • Fax (+852) 2901 3008

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:15pm

See BNO Renewal here


British Visa Timeline in Hong Kong, Hong Kong


The provided tables offer a detailed breakdown of the British visa processing timelines in Hong Kong, categorized into various visa types. Looking at visit visas, there is a significant trend of low approval rates within the first few days, especially for categories like Long Term Visit (more than 6 months). Likewise, General Visit (6 months or less), Business Visit (6 months or less), and Family Visit (6 months or less). However, there is a remarkable surge in approval rates from 10 days onwards, reaching 100% at 15 days for most categories. This suggests a meticulous review process where extended evaluation time results in higher chances of approval.

For transit visas, an interesting pattern emerges with immediate approval, indicating a swift process, as expected for transit purposes.

In the Points Based System (PBS) Visas category, different tiers display varying approval rates. PBS Tier 1 exhibits consistent high approval rates from 10 days onwards, indicating a rapid evaluation process. Likewise PBS Tier 2 and PBS Tier 4 also show an increase in approval rates with longer processing times, underlining the importance of patience for applicants in these categories. PBS Tier 5 displays a similar trend with a significant jump in approval rates after 10 days.

Regarding other non-settlement visas, EEA Family Permits demonstrate a swift approval process from the beginning, reaching 100% by 15 days, whereas Other Non-Settlement visas show an immediate 100% approval rate, indicating straightforward processing for this category.

Lastly, for Settlement Visas, there is a gradual increase in approval rates, with a notable rise after 10 days. By 40 days, the approval rates reach 62%, which then rise to 100% at 60 days and beyond. This indicates a meticulous and time-consuming evaluation process for settlement visas.

UK Visa from Hong Kong


Likewise it is evident that most visas, regardless of type, require a longer processing duration for a higher chance of approval. The initial days are marked by low approval rates, and there is a significant improvement as the processing time extends. For applicants, this emphasizes the importance of applying well in advance and being aware of the specific processing times associated with their visa type. Patience and careful planning are crucial for those seeking British visas in Hong Kong.



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