British Embassy in France

British Consulate

Paris is where you find the British Embassy (Résidence de l’ambassadeur de Grande Bretagne) in France. The Embassy is located very near to Ferragamo France. The embassy can assist you with consulate services such as replacing your British passport or renewing your passport. You may also apply for a British visa if you are not from the EU to visit the UK.

British Embassy in France

There is also a fiancee visa and a spouse visa if you are not going for tourism to London. Speak to the staff as the British Embassy in Paris. Note the opening hours listed below as well as their contact numbers and street address. We also added a photo so you may see where it is located.

If you happen to lose your passport while in the country, the first step is to report the incident to the French police to obtain a case number. You will then need to take the letter issued by the police to the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport. You can also see the emergency travel document uk contact number on here. Also apply for a new passport while in France. See also the British passport tracking as well. The temporary passport allows you to leave the country, but if you live in France. You will have to wait for a new passport, and make sure to transfer the old French visa to the new passport. Although it is possible to apply for a new passport online under British passport renewal online. You will still need the police report, and if you have the tracking number, you can now track your passport online.

If you plan to get married, you must obtain a letter from the Embassy to prove that you are single, which takes a few days. You will need to have your original documents, such as your divorce decree or your late spouse’s death certificate. The letter must be verified as authentic by the French government, translated, and certified. With these documents, you can now register your marriage in France. Likewise see the UK visa application and marriage visa UK.

British Embassy in France

See also the British Embassy in Germany and the British Embassy in Greece as well as the British Embassy in Iran.


British Embassy in Paris

Ambassade de Grande-Bretagne
35, rue du Faubourg St Honoré
Paris Cedex 08
75383 Paris



Use the contact form for consular enquiries



Note that the time taken to issue a British visa will depend on which country you are from. some may take a week while others may take 2-3 days once you send in your passport. Check with the embassy for their processing times with regards to a British visa for your country. As with other British embassies you may want to email them first rather than to call them. Note that the embassy is close to the Canadian Embassy in France and also the Thai Embassy in Paris.

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