British Embassy in Greece

British Consulate

Athens is where the British Embassy in Greece is close to the War Museum in Athens.  The Embassy can issue British visas to those who are not from the EU and can also be used for consular services such as medical assistance, legal assistance and also in the event of death – repatriation. They can also help you to renew your British passport or provide a new passport if you lost your while on holiday.

British Embassy in Greece

Speak to the British Embassy staff. They have no website or email listing so it is best to call them before going to the Embassy.

If you happen to be in the country and misplace your passport. Likewise it is essential that you report the loss to the Greek police to obtain a case number. Likewise see the passport tracking on here. With this case number, you can approach the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport. Call the emergency travel document UK contact number on here if you are not sure. Additionally you can apply for a new one while still in the country. You can also see the renew British passport. A temporary passport will enable you to leave the country, whereas if you are a resident of Greece. Then you will have to wait for a new British passport. Once you receive the new passport, you will need to transfer the old Greek visa to the new one. It is possible to apply for a new passport online, but you will still need to provide the police report. You can track the status of your passport online using the tracking number.

If you plan to get married in Greece, you must obtain a letter from the Embassy certifying that you are single. This process usually takes a few days, and you must provide your original documents, such as your divorce decree or the death certificate of your previous spouse. The Greek government will need to verify the authenticity of the letter, and it will also need to be translated and certified. Once you have all the necessary documents, you can register your marriage in Greece. Additionally you can also see the UK visa application on here as well as the UK marriage visa.

British Embassy in Greece

See also the British Embassy in Hungary and the British High Commission in India and the British Embassy in Iran.


British Embassy in Athens

1 Ploutarchou Street

106 75 Athens, Greece

City: Athens

Phone: (+ 301) 72.72.600

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 08:00 – 13:00




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