British Embassy in Hungary

British Consulate

The British Embassy in Hungary is in Budapest. This is near to the Hungarian Agricultural Bank. Speak to the British Embassy staff about any consular services you may be needing while in Hungry. This can range from assistance with the legal system, medical evacuation or assistance with a new passport.

British Embassy in Hungary

The telephone number and other contact details such as street address and offices hours have been included with a map for ease of reference.

If you are currently in Hungary and lose your passport. You should report the incident to the Hungarian police to obtain a case number. Once you have the case number. Then visit the British Embassy to apply for a temporary passport or a new passport if you need one. See also the emergency travel document UK contact number. The temporary passport will allow you to leave the country, but if you are a resident of Hungary, you will need to wait for a new passport. Additionally, remember to transfer your old Hungarian visa to your new passport. Likewise see the British passport tracking as well as the UK visa application as well.

If you plan to get married in Hungary, you need to obtain a letter from the Embassy to confirm that you are single. This process typically takes a few days and requires your original divorce decree or your previous spouse’s death certificate. Once you have the letter, it must be authenticated by the Hungarian government, translated, and certified. These documents can then be used to register your marriage in Hungary.

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British Embassy in Hungary


British Embassy in Budapest

Nagy-Britannia és Észak-Írország Egyesült Királyságának Nagykövetsége
Harmincad utca 6



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