UK Visitor Visa

British ConsulateIf you wish to visit the UK then you can obtain a UK Visitors visa at a British Embassy in your country. The visitors visa is a tourist visa which is there to allow you only to visit the UK. You are not allowed to work or seek employment and you have to leave before the visa expires.

UK Visa

UK Visitor Visa

The visa is difficult to obtain if you cant show that you will be in the UK temporary. When you apply for the UK Visitors visa you need to show that show that you intend only visiting the United Kingdom for no more than 6 months. You also need to show that you will be leaving the United Kingdom at the end of your visit. The applicants will also required to demonstrate to the British Embassy that they have sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate themselves while in the UK. The proof would include showing you have links to your home country such as:

  1. Fixed employment (tax receipts shown)
  2. You own property at home;
  3. You have family in your home country (children & wife/husband);
  4. You have savings in your bank account;
  5. Any other proof to show that you will return to your home country.

The visa is valid for 6 months unless you are going to the UK for medical treatment which would then last for 11 months only. Note also that you are not allowed to get married in the UK with a tourist visa. This will be seen a fraud. You need to apply for the correct visa such as a fiancee visa for the UK if that is your intention.

UK Visitor Visa Fees (October 2015)

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