British Embassy in Nepal

British Consulate

See the contact details of the British Embassy in Nepal. If you are in Nepal and in need of assistance then you can contact the British Embassy in Kathmandu. Here you can speak to the staff about a British visa such as a visitors visa, marriage visa or British fiancee visa. You can also speak to them about a passport to public notary service.

British Embassy in Nepal

We have listed their contact details below with a map, telephone numbers, contact details and also their opening hours.

If your passport is lost while you are in the country, you should inform the local police and obtain a case number. The British Embassy in Nepal will require this number to provide you with a temporary travel document or a new passport. Additionally, you can visit this website to learn about renewing a British passport.

If you have given birth, you will need the original documents from the local government, translated and certified. An appointment with the Embassy is necessary, and you should contact them to inquire about other necessary details. Along with your ID card or passport, your wife’s ID card or passport may also be required.

If you are planning to get married, you will need a freedom to marry letter certifying that you are single. The Embassy will issue this letter after a few days, which will need to be verified by the local government as authentic and translated and certified.


British Embassy in Nepal


British Embassy Kathmandu

PO Box 106


Monday to Thursday 0815 – 1700hrs / Friday 0815 – 1315hrs

Consular counter public hours: Monday and Thursday: 09:00 – 12:00


See also the British High Commission Namibia as well as the British Embassy in Madagascar and the British Consulate in the Netherlands.


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