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British Embassies in Europe

British EmbassyIf you are in Europe then you will find the most used Embassies in Europe listed below. Note that you will need to speak to lawyer about immigration to Britain however all Embassies can help you with an emergency travel document as well as other consular assistance if you are in need of assistance.

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British Embassies in Africa

British EmbassyThese are the most popular listings for the British High Commission and British Embassies in Africa. You can also find the Asian and East Asian listing on this website. always call before you go to the embassy of High commission to ensure that you have the correct documents and that they are open in the first place.

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British Embassies in East Asia

British EmbassyIf you are in East Asia then you will find the following British High Commission or Embassies of use. Below you will find three of the most popular ones in the region. Always call the Embassy before you go to the Embassy and dont wait until the last minute to apply for a tourist visa.

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British Embassies in Asia

British EmbassyThere are a number of British Embassies in Asia. Below you will find the most popular Embassies located in Asia and the Asia Pacific. Always email or call the British Embassy or British High Commission before you go to their offices. If you are looking for a visa then you can apply for a British visitors visa or speak to an immigration lawyer about an immigrant visa.

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British Embassy in Tonga

British ConsulatePlease note that there is no British Embassy in Tonga and you will have to obtain advice from the British High Commission in Fiji. Note the emergency telephone number below if you need assistance after being arrested or after being attacked or involved in an accident or the victim of a crime. Note that they do not handle visa inquiries.

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