British Embassy in Turkmenistan

These are the contact details for the British Embassy in Turkmenistan. If you are in Turkmenistan and in need of assistance then you should contact the British Embassy in Ashgabat for assistance. The Embassy can assist you with passport renewal or registering a birth. They can also provide consular assistance if you have found yourself in trouble.

British Embassy in Turkmenistan

We have provided a map to the Embassy as well as their contact details. It is always best to contact the Embassy by email if you are applying for assistance that is not an emergency. Note that the British Embassy is not far from the French Embassy in Ashgabat. If you have lost your passport while in the country then you will need to report this to the local police. The cae number will be needed by the Embassy to provide or assist you with the temporary travel document or a passport. You can also see applying for a British passport on this webiste.

If you gave birth abroad then you will the original documents from the local government that has been translated and certified. This need an appointment at the Embassy. Contact them to ask about the other details which will be required. This other than your ID card or passport for you and your wife.

If you are getting married then you need a letter of affirmation. This is to certify that you are single. They will issue you with this after a few days. This will need to be verified by the local government as authentic and then translated and certified. See also the travel advice on here.


British Embassy in Turkmenistan

British Embassy Ashgabat

3rd Floor Office Building
Four Points Ak Altyn Hotel


  • General enquiries:;
  • Consular enquiries:
  • Visa enquiries:
  • Fax:+99 312 363 465
  • Telephone:+993 12 36 34 62/64 // +44 20 7008 5000

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