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Marriage in Vietnam – Affirmation

British EmbassyIf you are getting married in Vietnam then you will need certain documents for the government. The process is a bit more complicated than in Cambodia or Thailand. Below are the documents that would be need to register your marriage to a Vietnamese. You can also contact the British Embassy in Vietnam for more assistance with your marriage registration. Once your marriage is registered you can then apply for a UK Marriage visa or UK Partner visa. Note that Vietnam now allows same-sex marriages.

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Marriage in Cambodia – Affirmation

British EmbassyMuch like getting married in Thailand, the process for getting married in Cambodia is very similar. The process has been added below so you can find it easy to follow and register your marriage in Cambodia most likely in Phnom Penh the Capital city of Cambodia. You can find the contact details for the British Embassy in Cambodia elsewhere on this website.

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Register Marriage in Antigua and Barbuda : British Nationals

British ConsulateIf you are getting married in Antigua and Barbuda then note that the British government no longer issues a CNI (certificates of no impediment) to countries within the Commonwealth of nations. . You’ll need to explain this if you’re asked to provide a CNI or a similar document to prove you’re allowed to marry. You can contact the British High Commission in Barbados for more information.