UK citizen getting married in Vietnam

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Firstly, are you a UK citizen getting married in Vietnam? if you are getting married in Vietnam then you will need certain documents for the government. The process is a bit more complicated than in Cambodia or Thailand. Below are the documents that would be need to register your marriage to a Vietnamese. You can also contact the British Embassy in Vietnam for more assistance with your marriage registration. Once your marriage is registered you can then apply for a UK Marriage visa or UK Partner visa. Finally note that Vietnam now allows same-sex marriages.

UK citizen getting married in Vietnam


1. Application for Marriage Registration in Vietnam 

You will need to complete the application form for the marriage registration.

2. Affidavit of Single Status

The application document also needs a “Single Status” affirmation from the British government.

3. Certificate of No-Marriage Records

This has to be issued by the British Government certifying that no marriage license or marriage record of the applicant has been found from his/her mature age of marriage (age of 18 for female and 20 for male) or since his/her divorce up to the present or since his/her spouse’ death up to present. As a UK citizen getting married in Vietnam you will need to original documents.

4. Certificate of Good Mental Health

This also has to be issued by an authorized medical institution, confirming that the applicant has no mental illnesses, or mentally sound for marriage, and is fully conscious of his/her own actions. This is normally done by a hospital.

5. Biographic Information Sheet

This contains all your basic information which needs to be submitted.

6. Certified photocopy of the Information pages of the Passport

Likewise you will need to provide copies of all your passport pages.

7. Divorced and Widowed Applicants:

– Divorcees are required to submit an Authenticated Judgement of Divorce (Notarised/Certified and Authenticated by the UK Government);

– Widows are to submit a Authenticated Copy of the Death Certificate of his/her deceased spouse (Notarised/Certified and Authenticated by the UK Government)

Firstly note that if you are taking your Vietnamese wife back to the United Kingdom then you will also need to apply for an appropriate visa. Finally as well as submit a TB test from Vietnam for your Vietnamese wife or fiancee.

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