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Tuberculosis testing in India

British EmbassyIf you are going to the UK for more than 6 months you will need to have a TB test done in India. Only certain hospitals and clinics in India are allowed to do the testing for the British Government. These have been added below for each region. Note that this is part of the UK visa application process and is valid for Indians who are going on a UK marriage visa, UK fiancee visa or any other visa that is going to last for longer than 6 months such as an UK Study visa which you are applying for from India.

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TB test in Vietnam

British EmbassyYou you are getting married in Vietnam and are applying for a UK Marriage Visa or a UK fiancee visa then your Vietnamese fiancee or wife will need to have a TB test as part of the application process. There are only 2 hospitals in Vietnam who are authorised to provide the testing for the British Embassy in Hanoi and these have been listed below. You will need to start the visa application process and add these documents into it as the process moves along.

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Marriage in Vietnam – Affirmation

British EmbassyIf you are getting married in Vietnam then you will need certain documents for the government. The process is a bit more complicated than in Cambodia or Thailand. Below are the documents that would be need to register your marriage to a Vietnamese. You can also contact the British Embassy in Vietnam for more assistance with your marriage registration. Once your marriage is registered you can then apply for a UK Marriage visa or UK Partner visa. Note that Vietnam now allows same-sex marriages.

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British Embassies in East Asia

British EmbassyIf you are in East Asia then you will find the following British High Commission or Embassies of use. Below you will find three of the most popular ones in the region. Always call the Embassy before you go to the Embassy and dont wait until the last minute to apply for a tourist visa.

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British Embassies in Asia

British EmbassyThere are a number of British Embassies in Asia. Below you will find the most popular Embassies located in Asia and the Asia Pacific. Always email or call the British Embassy or British High Commission before you go to their offices. If you are looking for a visa then you can apply for a British visitors visa or speak to an immigration lawyer about an immigrant visa.

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Current wait times for UK visa – Hong Kong

British ConsulateIf you are visiting the UK then you should check your status as a Chinese passport is not the same as a BNO passport. The listing below are listed by the FCO but does not take these into account. These are for settlement visas as well as for the UK visitors visa and you should also look at the approximate visa fees.

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Current wait times for UK visa – Thailand

British ConsulateIf you are taking your Thai girlfriend home then you might as well consider the current wait times in Bangkok Thailand. The UK Embassy in Bangkok has the following listed for 2016. The time listing below are for the year 2016. Most of the visa applications are processed very fast. You can see this in details below if you are wanting a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend.

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