Translators and Interpreters in Singapore

British Consulate

If you need documented translated then the following is a list of translators and interpreters has been prepared by the British High Commission Singapore. This list does not endorse any of these companies however they are provided as a service to all expats in Singapore than might needs translation services.

Translators and Interpreters in Singapore

In Singapore as you will know. The demand for professional translators and interpreters has increased significantly in recent years. Due to the country’s diverse population and international business activities, there is a growing need for language experts who can effectively bridge communication gaps between different cultures and languages.

Consequently, various government and private organizations in Singapore have been actively seeking qualified and experienced translators and interpreters to support their operations. Additionally, specialized language service providers have emerged to cater to the specific needs of different industries.

As a result, the availability of language services in Singapore has improved, and communication barriers have been reduced, leading to smoother interactions and collaborations between individuals and organizations. Overall, the importance of translators and interpreters in Singapore’s multilingual society cannot be understated, and their contributions are highly valued.


A Native Translation LLP

10 Anson Road #10-11 International Plaza Singapore 079903

Tel: (65) 9029 9395


Chambers Consultants Pte Ltd

1 Sophia Road Peace Centre Singapore 228149

Tel: (65) 63391886 Fax: (65) 63396168



If you need to notary in Singapore then see the listing for Notaries in Singapore as well. Basically, note that notarial service by the High Commission is very limited so you will need to see assistance in the private sector for your documents.



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