Notarial Services in Singapore

British Consulate

See the Notarial Services in Singapore list. If you need notary services Singapore then click here for a notary public in Singapore. Firstly see the Notarial Services in Singapore list. If you are in Singapore and need the services of the British High Commission in Singapore then see what type of assistance they can offer you. Over the last 4 years many of the services have been removed and they will now only do a limited amount of services compared to before. Finally Notarial services was one of the first services they started to minimise.

Notarial Services in Singapore

In Singapore for legal reasons the British High Commission cannot provide notarial services, witness signatures or declarations, certify British passports or UK educational certificates, administer oaths or take affidavits in a Commonwealth country (Singapore). You should contact a local notary in Singapore.

Services they provide in Singapore

Firstly they can prepare a document in English and legalise a document originating in Singapore. Secondly this is most common with such documents relating to marriage. Thirdly this is for such documents as affirmations or affidavits of marital status when getting married abroad. Lastly note that you will have to ensure that you have the correct fees based in  Singaporean currency or by Visa/MasterCard. You also need to bring proof of identity such as a national ID card or passport.



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Legalise a document

Firstly documents originating in Singapore (example; statutory declaration, certificate of origin, power of attorney, school certificate, birth certificate, contract etc). This may have to be legalised by the Consular Division at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because before they can be accepted overseas.

Finally once this document has been legalised by the local Singaporean authority only then can you take it to the British High Commission in Singapore for verification. Additionally the High Commission does not authenticate the document but only verifies that the Singapore government verification is authentic.



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