UK Fiancee Visa

British Consulate

See the requirements for the UK Fiancee Visa. If you are going to be getting married to a foreign national and wish to take her back to the UK then she will need to apply for a UK Fiancee Visa to enter the United Kingdom. Therefore these are the requirements for the UK Fiancee Visa.  In addition, your fiancee or girlfriend that you are wanting to bring back to the United Kingdom will need to fulfill this.

UK Fiancee Visa

However note that if you are going to the UK to get married but the person is not a UK national then you need to apply for a UK Marriage Visit visa. For instance, this visa will allow you entry into the UK to get married to your fiancee who is not a British national and might be in the UK on a UK Student visa or a UK work permit. Once you get married then you have to leave the UK. That visa is only valid for 6 months. In addition after that see the page on that. In conclusion, also see also the Civil Partner Visa and UK Spouse Visa which is also explained in here.

Your fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner must be:

  • a British Citizen in the UK; or
  • present and settled in the UK.

You must show that:

  • you and your partner must be aged 18 or over at the date of application;
  • your partner must not be related to you in a way that means you could not marry in UK law;
  • you and your partner must have met in person;
  • after that, your relationship must be genuine and subsisting;
  • you must be seeking entry to the UK to allow your marriage or civil partnership to take place;
  • any previous relationship must have permanently broken down;
  • after that, you and your partner must intend to live together permanently in the UK;
  • you must meet the financial requirements; and
  • you must meet the English language requirement.

Language Requirements:

  • in addition you are a national of a majority English-speaking country; or
  • have passed an English language test approved by us at the appropriate level; or
  • hold a degree that was taught in English and is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or above.

Documents Needed:

  • 2 recent passport photographs and your passport
  • evidence of your age and your partner’s age
  • official evidence that your and your partner’s previous marriage(s) broken down permanently
  • evidence that you intend to marry or register your partnership  (usually 6 months)
  • after that, evidence that you have met each other
  • evidence that you intend to live together permanently after you have married
  • after that, evidence of your English language ability
  • finally, evidence that you meet the financial requirement.





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