British Nationals in the Middle East

British Nationals in the Middle East read this. Many British expats live and work in the Middle East. As high lighted in the Top 10 Expat Destinations we note that Dubai has become very popular for British nationals not to retire but to work in the Middle East. This has come with its own issues and these are some of them.

There have been a number of issues over the years in the Middle East and these are the current ones while coming to the end of 2013 as another year gone by. Let look at what to expect in the future.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Kingdom has over the years absorbed loads of British teachers wanting to work in a tax free environment. This has come with its own issues. The Saudi Government has now offered work permits to the spouses of expatriate teachers as many have wanted to leave when they had been told that their wives or husband will no longer be able to teach using a spouse of family visa. They wanted the schools to accept the responsibility and many simply threw in the towel on teaching. Viewing that the educational system might collapse they change the rules and left it as is however your spouse now need to obtain a license to teach. See also the Travel Advice Saudi Arabia

If you have any issues in Saudi Arabia you need to contact the British Embassy in Riyadh for assistance or the British Consulate in Jeddah for assistance.


There has been much talk about price capping rents however the government changed the laws which states that public servants much live within their emirate. This has pushed priced up a bit and the idea of capping rentals went out by the door. According to some in the property rental business many rents are below the market value as the property bubble has not complete its course as yet. See also the BNO Holder visa for Dubai and the Travel Advice UAE.

If you have problems in the UAE then you can contact the British Embassy in the UAE for assistance and advice while in the country. There is also the Brits behind bars overseas.


Not all is well in the Middle East for expats. Oman is now considering a 2% tax on all remittances from the country in order to shore up government revenues. The target they say are the 1.5 million low end workers from the Far East which are sending money home. The current outflows is totaled at more than $8 billion a year and they are trying to stem this flow of money. Oman is a bit of an odd country as almost half of their population is made-up of expatriates.

If you need advice and consular assistance while in Oman as a British expat then contact the British Embassy in Oman for assistance.

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