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British Consulate

This is the Travel Advice USA. More than 3.8 million British Nationals visit the US each year without much incident. The US Visa Waiver Program allows British nationals into America for 90 days at a time however you will need to obtain a Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) pass before you travel to the US. If you have an extended passport for 12 month then this will only be accepted in rare cases.

Travel Advice USA

In case you lose your passport while in the country, it is necessary to inform the local police and obtain a case number which will be required by the Embassy to issue you with a temporary travel document or a new passport. You can find information on applying for a British passport on this website as well.

If you have given birth aboard, you will need to provide the Embassy with the original documents from the local government, translated and certified. An appointment with the Embassy will be necessary, so it is advisable to contact them for further details. Additionally, you and your wife will need to bring your ID cards or passports.

If you are planning to get married, you will need a letter of affirmation to certify your single status, which will be issued after a few days. The authenticity of the letter will need to be verified by the local government and then translated and certified by the Embassy. This is your Travel Advice USA. See also the British passport renewal in USA for their hotline in the US.

Air travel

Do not joke at the airport about terrorism. This is generally a very bad idea in any country. If you are arriving by air from an Ebola affected country then you will need a health screening first before you can enter the USA. Ebola screening is only done at the following airports so ensure you arrive at one of these airport if you are arriving out of West Africa. The airports are :

  • – Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) Washington DC,
  • – O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Chicago,
  • – John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) New York,
  • – Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) New York,
  • – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Atlanta

Natural disasters

The following areas are well known for their earthquakes. These are Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, and Washington state. Hurricane season run from  June to November and can affect US coastal regions. Tornadoes occur at any time of the year and you need to take care and listen to the local television and radio broadcasts.


Medical treatment in the US is very expensive and there are no special arrangements for British visitors on holiday. Ensure that you have travel insurance before you travel to the US. Also note that the US does get West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis and dengue fever from time to time. Check the area where you are going to ensure that you have these covered.


You may enter the US for 90 days without a visa however you need to have an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) pass.

Safety and security

Mexican states bordering Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas can be dangerous. Never leave your British passport in your car or any other valuables in the open. Always research your destination before you travel to any foreign country. You can also contact the British Embassy in Washington or any of the other British Consulates in the US such as the British Consulate in New York, the British Consulate in Atlanta, the British Consulate in Boston or the British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles). There area a number of other British Consulates such as the British Consulate in Houston as well as the British Consulate in Miami and the British Consulate in San Francisco. Next to Australia and Spain the US has the largest amount of British Expats. The last count showed that British Expats in the USA totals more than 809,000.

Search this website more more information and contact details for other British Consulates in the US or any other global destination. See also the Travel Advice UAE as well as the Travel Advice Uganda.



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