Travel Advice : Uruguay

British ConsulateMost criminal activities occur in Montevideo. The downtown and port areas are not good to walk alone in or after dark. Take a taxi into these areas if you need to go there. Keep your passport in a safe place and carry a certified photocopy of you passport with the front-page and visa and entry stamps visible. More than 20,000 British nationals visit Uruguay each year. If you have any problems then contact the British Embassy in Uruguay for immediate assistance.



Your UK cash card will work on most ATM’s in Montevideo and Punta del Este however they may be bank charges for this. Credit cards are widely accepted in most major cities in Uruguay. In order to encourage tourism the government has now introduced tax saving on certain items and services.

Natural disasters

In 2014 there had been flooding which was widespread. There is also a risk of forest fires during the summer period with the summer months being during (December to March) in dry areas in the country.


Healthcare is very expensive so ensure you have proper travel insurance while in the country. You will note that you dial 911 and ask for an ambulance.


British nationals can enter the country for 90 days without a visa issued by the embassy.

Safety and security

There are occurrences of street muggings in Montevideo. Always ensure that you only take with you what you will need and always hide your valuables. Cars  parked on the streets are regularly broken into and valuables stolen. Crime rates tend to be lower in cities outside of Montevideo but always keep your eyes pealed for problems while on holiday.

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