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What is FCO British Assistance Abroad?If you enjoyed the last update on the British Abroad series then these are the stats for 2015 for consular assistance while abroad issued by the Foreign Office. Some changes to the stats however very interesting considering how certain locations had changed.

FCO British Assistance Abroad

Arrests and Drug Arrests

There has been a 39% fall in drug cases recorded in Australia following a spike in 2013/14, and a 63% fall in Canada (primarily due to the banning of khat in the UK). This is however overshadowed by some countries have seen an increase in drug arrests – including Cyprus. This which saw a jump from 22 to 32 and China from 7 to 18. The total number of drug arrests globally for British nationals has fallen by 4 % in 2014/15 to 691 cases (from 717 in 2013/14). The good news is that since 2009/10 there has been a 26% drop in detentions, a reduction of 1,669 cases. This includes a 30% reduction in drug-related arrests.

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Spain still remains the country with the highest number of British nationals hospitalised (629 cases). But the number fell by 7% compared to 2013/14. Globally, they have received 2,872 enquiries about hospitalisations, 835 from British tourists, 1,769 from British people living abroad and 268 from Brits in the UK, foreign nationals and/or local authorities.


Rape & Sexual Assault

252 British nationals were victims of reported rape and/ or sexual assault during 2015. This is a marked reduction of six cases compared to 2014. Spain has seen an increase from 40 cases in 2013/14 to 52 cases in 2014/15. The average number of cases in Spain over the last five years has been 51. Greece has seen a decrease of 55% from 33 cases in 2013/14 to 15 cases in 2014/15. Turkey has seen a fall of 42%, which may be attributable in part to local prevention work.


Lost and Stolen Passport (Emergency Travel Documents)

There had been 20,663 passports were reported lost or stolen in 2014/15. There was also a total of 37,890 Emergency Travel Documents were provided to British travellers in 2014/15. Compared to 31,134 in 2013/14. Spain (6,329), USA (3,641) and Australia (3,182) were the highest volume countries of ETDs. South Africa and Hong Kong has also made it into the list this time.




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