British Embassy stops Notarial

British ConsulateDubai – 20 December 2013. Yes, British Embassy stops Notarial services. The British Embassy in Dubai

in the UAE will stop offering notarial services to British nationals in the UAE. This comes into effect immediately as services are curtailed and embassy staff will only provide a list of public notaries to expats in the Middle East.

British Embassy stops Notarial servicesThe FCO has stated that this allows the staff to attend to more important issues. Such as vulnerable and distressed British nationals such as those with mental health issues who have no family in the UAE. Also more time will be spend with those who have experienced serious assault while in Dubai.

It gets even worst!

The British Embassy in Dubai will also no longer provide letters of “no objection”. This to sponsor a spouse or any certified copies of UK documents such as British passports or UK bank statements, oaths, declarations, and also affirmations (except for marriage purposes) or the witnessing of signatures.

Other services will continue to be offered including affidavits for marriages performed in UAE churches and courts. The no objection letters to adopt and providing certain certified documents when an authority will not accept any other attestation other than UK Embassy confirmation. See also Bangkok notary service as well as the notary service Hong Kong and the notary public Zimbabwe. You can also see the notary services Singapore.

Life is getting tougher in Dubai for British nationals! So there the British Embassy stops notarial services. You can also see the other pages on the Embassy website itself. Search this website for more information on Dubai as well as other British Embassies around the world.



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