British Consulate in San Francisco

British ConsulateSee the contact details of the British Consulate in San Francisco. The British Consulate General in San Francisco represents the UK government in northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana. If you live outside of these regions then see the main listing for the British Embassy in Washington for a more detailed listing.

British Consulate in San Francisco

Note that they will assist you with consular services such as notary services such as how to register a birth abroad. As for passport or visa questions you need to contact the British Embassy in Washington

for this type of assistance. See their listing on this website. You can also see the article on Travel Advice for USA for those who have never been in the United States.

Note that the Consulate in San Francisco covers the areas for British nationals living in and visiting Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. If you don’t live in this area then you will need to see which Consulate to contact for assistance. There is also a list at British Consulates in America as an example.

Passport enquiries

If you have lost your passport while in the US. You will need to report this to the local police. They will provide you with a letter with a case number. You will need this when you apply for an emergency passport. The application will need to be done online or you can apply for a new passport on the link above.

Apply online for an emergency travel document

If the person needing the emergency travel document is under 16, a parent or guardian should apply on their behalf.


British Consulate in San Francisco

If you need a notary public then there is a process for this. The most common are the

  • Certified copy of a British passport for US IRS ITIN purposes
  • Issue a no objection statement for US J1 visa

The no objection statement for the visa needs to be sent to Washington and it is only done by mail.


British Consular Services (Attn: J1)
British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20008


The documents needed for this are the following:

  • a copy of  your case file number and third party barcode page from the US Department of State
  • also a copy of your British passport photograph page
  • a copy of your certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (Form DS2019 /IAP-66).
  • also a completed application form for a no objection statement from the Embassy.
  • a completed credit card authorisation form for the correct fee (Fee 2(i))

Note that they don’t administer an oath, affirmation or affidavit, witnessing a signature, or certifying copies of documents. and they don’t assist with UK police certificates. See the other pages on this website for more information.

British Consulates in America

British Embassy Washington British Consulate in Houston
British Consulate in Chicago British Consulate in New York
British Consulate in Atlanta British Consulate in Los Angeles
British Consulate in Boston British Consulate in Miami
British Consulate in San Francisco

See the different pages for the other Consulates as well.

British Consulate General San Francisco Office

1 Sansome Street, Suite 850
San Francisco CA 94104

Enquiries +1 415 617 1300

Fax +1 415 434 2018

Office hours:

By appointment only. See opening times to make an appointment for notarial services.



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