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British Embassy in Armenia

British ConsulateIf you are going to visit Armenia and in need of consulate assistance while in the country then you can contact the British Embassy in Armenia for assistance. The Embassy is located in Yerevan and their contact details such as a map, telephone numbers as well as their email address has been added below. Much like other Embassies it is always a good idea to email them first with your questions and ensure that they are open on the day you pay them a visit.

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British Embassy in Ukraine

British ConsulateThe British Embassy in the Ukraine is located in the city of Kyiv. We have a map to the embassy in Kyiv and also their contact telephone numbers. note that the embassy can assist you with a passport, marriage registration, British visa be it a spouse visa or a fiancee visa and can also act as notary public in the Ukraine.

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British Embassy in Romania

British ConsulateBucharest is home to the British Embassy in Romania. If you are visiting Romania then speak to the staff as the British embassy about consular assistance such as marriage registration, applying for a British passport or registering a birth or a death while in Romania. We have listed a map to the embassy as well as all their contact details.

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Travel Advice – Albania

The advisory below is that which is normally issued by the British and Canadian governments for the respective countries. We have provided this again as a service to expats living abroad to ensure that they understand the workings of the country they will live in or be having a holiday in. Read More »

Consular Assistance

British ConsulateThe as listed below would be for January 2015 and may change by the time you read this. The have been listed for each country here in the local currency as of April 2013. Call the relevant embassy to find out what their new fees may be. Again these PDF documents are only good as at the time of this post. The consular fees are listed as follows by each country and the government keeps it up to date every 2-3 months. See listing on this website for registering a marriage, birth, death or obtaining a new passport.

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British Embassy in Russia

British ConsulateIf you are in Russia on holiday or you live in Moscow then you can approach the British Embassy in Moscow for consular help if you have lost your passport or need to obtain a new passport. The embassy can also assist with birth registration, marriage registration and death registration.

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British Embassy in Serbia

British ConsulateBeograd is where the British Embassy in Serbia is located, If you wish to apply for a visa to the UK then this embassy will be able to issue a British visa for you in Serbia. If you are a British citizen abroad then you can use this embassy for assistance with birth registration, marriage registration and also seek assistance in the event of a death or accident.

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British Embassy in Uzbekistan

British Consulate

Tashkent in Uzbekistan is where the British Embassy is located. If you are in Uzbekistan and married and wish to bring your wife, partner or fiancee back to the UK then you can apply for a British Visa for her or him while in Uzbekistan. The British embassy will be able to assist you with the documents which are needed for the move and the application.

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