British Embassy in Latvia

British ConsulateThe British Embassy in Riga, Latvia is located close to the Latvian Art Museum. We have listed all their contact numbers below. You will note that the British Embassy in Riga can issue a British visa and we have listed their timeline below. Also note that other consular services can be provided to you as a British national such as marriage registration, applying for a new British passport or simply renewing your British passport.

Before you visit the Embassy ensure that you call them or email them first to ensure that they are open. The operating hours of the British Embassy in Riga is listed below.

British Embassy in Latvia

Embassy of Great Britain in Riga, Latvia

British Embassy Riga
5 J Alunana iela
Riga LV 1010


  • Phone: (371) 733 8126
  • Office Hours: 09:30 – 12:00 Monday to Friday


Public Holidays in Latvia:

These are the listings for the public holidays in Latvia. these do not include the embassy holidays so email or call the embassy with the number listed above to find out if the British Embassy in Riga will be open on the day of your arrival. Dates and days may change on the calendar but these are the public holidays as listed this year for Latvia.

DateEnglish NameLocal NameRemarks
1 JanuaryNew Year’s DayJaunais Gads
The Friday before Easter SundayGood FridayLielā Piektdiena
March/AprilEaster SundayLieldienas
The day after Easter SundayEaster Monday2. Lieldienas
1 MayLabour DayDarba svētki
4 MayRestoration of Independence dayLatvijas Republikas Neatkarības atjaunošanas dienaLatvian National Day
Second Sunday of MayMother’s dayMātes diena
23 JuneMidsummer EveLīgo Diena
24 JuneMidsummerJāņi
18 NovemberProclamation of the Republic of LatviaLatvijas Republikas proklamēšanas dienaIndependence of Latvia.
24 DecemberChristmas EveZiemassvētku vakars
25 DecemberChristmas DayZiemassvētki
26 DecemberBoxing Day Second Day of Christmas2. Ziemassvētki
31 DecemberNew Year’s EveVecgada vakars


British Embassy in Latvia, Riga

The British visa processing timeline is listed below. Ensure that you hav all the needed documents for your visit or more to the United Kingdom if that is what you are apply for. There is more information listed about immigration to Britain on this website. See the embassy for more details and information about your visa to the UK.

Visits Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
Premium Visit (more than 6 months)0%0%0%0%42%100%100%100%100%7
General Visit (6 months or less)0%0%0%0%52%100%100%100%100%19
Business Visit (6 months or less)0%0%0%0%100%100%100%100%100%2
Family Visit (6 months or less)0%0%0%0%40%100%100%100%100%22
Other Visit (6 months or less)0%0%0%0%33%100%100%100%100%3


Points Based System Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
PBS Tier 40%0%0%0%25%100%100%100%100%4
PBS Tier 50%0%0%0%100%100%100%100%100%1


Other Non Settlement Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
EEA Family Permits0%0%0%0%44%97%100%100%100%34


The above data is for all decisions made in September 2012


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