‘No Objection Certificate’ for Marriage in India

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‘No Objection Certificate’ for Marriage in India or noc for marriage certificate in India is explained. If you are getting married in India then you will require a “letter of no objection”. This has changed in 2013 and the British High Commission in New Delhi are not issuing a ‘No Objection Certificate’ for marriage registrations. The process has been listed below.

‘No Objection Certificate’ for Marriage in India

The new process is instead that British Nationals can now download the Marriage: Information Note on NOC to present to registrars which explains how marriage is legislated in the UK. This change the Indian government is already aware of. If you are going to apply for a UK Fiancee visa or a UK partner visa then search this website for more information. This is the noc for marriage certificate in India explained in more detail.

NOC for marriage certificate in India

Likewise in India marriage registration is a legal process much like anywhere else in the world. You will need to obtain a noc for marriage certificate in Indiamarriage certificate from the local authorities. Firstly there is the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 as well as the Special Marriage Act 1954. You will note that marriage registration is mandatory in India.

Secondly, to register your marriage in India both parties need to apply for a marriage certificate. This at their respective Registrar Office. This is normally where they reside in India. Likewise you will also need to provide proof of your age as in your passport or local ID card. You address in India as well as a marriage invitation letter. You will also need ID photos.

Thirdly you are going to need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to register your marriage. This certificate is issued by the concerned authorities to certify that there is no objection from the parties involved in the marriage. The NOC is usually issued by the local police station or the British High Commission in New Delhi or your respective country.

It’s important to note that the process of obtaining a marriage certificate and NOC may vary slightly from state to state in India, and it’s advisable to check the specific requirements with the relevant authorities in your area.



Marriage: Information Note on NOC

Marriage: Information Note to be read along with NOC



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