British newborn in Singapore

Having a British newborn in Singapore then read further. If you have given birth in Singapore then you will not get much help from the British High Commission in Singapore with the birth registration. The births now have to be done via mail. See British born abroad for the documents and the posting address in the UK to register the birth.

British newborn in Singapore

The process takes a while back in the UK however the child born in Singapore needs a visa within 6 weeks after birth. This is clearly not going to be happening. This is the way it gets done:

The Hospital:

The hospital in Singapore will give you a Notification of Live Birth and Advisory Note for the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). These documents need to be used when you register the birth abroad with the Home Office.

The advisory note you got after birth is also a Special Pass that allows your newborn to stay in Singapore for 6 weeks. Note that during this time you should obtain a passport for the baby. This timeline is not going to be possible since births are no longer done at the High Commission. You will need to obtain confirmation from the UK that you have applied for a passport for the child. This document (acknowledgement of application for the passport) will be used to extend the Special Pass for the newborn.

UK Passport Ready (Unlikely)

Once the newborns passport is ready you will need to ask your employer to apply for a Dependant’s Pass through EP Online. Its as simple as that but you will not get your British Passport in 6 weeks.

UK Passport not Ready (Normal)

If your baby’s passport is not ready which would be common for British nationals with the new system. your employer in Singapore will need to email the following documents to

  • A copy of the baby’s birth certificate.
  • Letter from the UK Home Office showing that you have applied for a passport for your baby.

They will then advise your employer on how to proceed with the Dependant’s Pass application. In this case, you may need to extend your baby’s Special Pass.

Extend a Special Pass 

If you have applied for a Dependant’s Pass, make an appointment to get a newborn Special Pass.

Take these documents for the visit:

  • The appointment letter.
  • Both parents’ original Employment Pass, S Pass or DP cards.
  • A copy of the baby’s birth certificate.
  • A copy of the ICA Advisory Note.
  • Letter from high commission showing that you have applied for a passport for your baby.
  • A copy of the baby’s completed Dependant’s Pass application.

If you do not intend to get a Dependant’s Pass, you need to apply to ICA to get a visit pass or extend the Special Pass. Go to the Visitor’s Service Centre, Level 4, ICA Building to apply. See more on this website about the applying for a British passport for a child born abroad.

See: Ministry of Manpower in Singapore


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