British Embassy in Burma

British ConsulateRangoon is where the British Embassy in Burma or Myanmar is located. The British embassy in Burma can issue you a visa for the UK as noted from the stats below, the visa applications to the UK has seen a steady increase over the last few years.

British Embassy in Burma

If you have lost your passport you can apply for a new passport or register a marriage, birth or death of a British national in Burma. The contact details for the British Embassy in Burma has been listed below with all the contact numbers and a map to the Embassy in Rangoon. See also the national day of Burma


If you are in Burma and have lost your passport while on holiday. You will need to report this to the local police in Myanmar. They will then provide you with a police report to show that you have reported this as lost. to the police. You will then need to take this to the British Embassy in Rangoon to apply for an emergency travel document. If you live in Myanmar then you will need to wait on a new passport. Keep the police report or a copy of if you live in Burma. You will need this to transfer your visa from the lost passport to the new passport. See also the passport fees which you can also see on here.

Likewise see the emergency travel document as well as the UK abroad passport renewal while abroad. You can also complete your passport tracking online. See how this is done.

Getting Married in Burma


Now if you are getting married in Burma. You will need a letter from the Embassy to show that you are single. This is called the letter of impediment. It takes a few days to obtain this. If you are divorced or your spouse passed you will need the original death certificate. Additionally the letter will need to be verified by the local government as authentic and then translated and the translation certified. See more on the register marriage abroad in UK on this website.

See also the British High Commission in Brunei and the British High Commission in Barbados and the British Embassy in Georgia.


British Embassy in Burma


British Embassy Rangoon

British Embassy Rangoon
80 Strand Road
(Box No 638)
  • Telephone: +95 (0) 1370863
  • Telephone: +95 (0) 1370864 / +44 20 7008 5000
  • Telephone: +95 (0) 1370865
  • Telephone: +95 (0) 1370867
  • Fax: +95 (0) 1370866


Office hours (Local time):
Monday to Thursday – 8.00am to 4.30pm
Friday – 8.00am to 1.00pm


British visa timeline in Burma, Rangoon

The provided tables outline the British visa processing timeline

s for various categories in Burma, Rangoon. In terms of visit visas, the processing rate for Long Term Visit (more than 6 months) remains consistently high at 100% for all durations, indicating swift processing regardless of the time frame. Similarly, General Visit (6 months or less), Business Visit (6 months or less), Family Visit (6 months or less), Transit (6 months or less), and Other Visit (6 months or less) exhibit increasing approval rates with longer processing durations. For instance, the approval rate for General Visit increases from 50% at 2 days to 100% at 90 days, showing a steady progression.

In the Points Based System (PBS) Visas category, specifically PBS Tier 4, the approval rate jumps from 33% at 2 days to 100% at 10 days, indicating a substantial increase within the first ten days.

For Settlement Visas, the approval rates are notably low for the initial durations (2, 3, and 5 days) but reach 100% at 60 days for Settlement visas, demonstrating a significant processing time required for this category.


Visa Issues


Transitioning from one category to another, it is evident that longer processing durations lead to higher approval rates across all visa types. For visit visas, there is a gradual climb in approval percentages as the processing time extends, indicating thorough scrutiny. Additionally, for PBS Tier 4 visas, a rapid increase in approval is observed within the first ten days. However, for Settlement Visas, a considerable amount of time, specifically 60 days, is needed for the applications to be approved, showcasing the complexity and stringent evaluation of this category.

So the data underscores a clear relationship between processing time and approval rates. Likewise highlighting the meticulous evaluation process for different types of British visas in Burma, Rangoon. Longer processing durations generally correlate with higher approval percentages. Likewise, emphasizing the importance of patience and planning for individuals seeking British visas in this region.



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