Marriage Abroad

British ConsulateSee what you need for a marriage abroad. You can’t register a marriage which occurred overseas at a register office in the UK. You can however apply to have your marriage documents from that country certified. This and sent then only deposited with the General Register Office (GRO) in the UK. You can then get copies of your marriage or civil partnership record more easily. I got married abroad how do I register it in the UK, then see below.

Marriage Abroad

Its normally easier when you got married in a foreign country to get all the documents there instead of trying to do it from the UK later. You will need a copy of the marriage certificate from the relevant authorities in the country where the marriage occurred. Once you have this in hand you need to have the marriage certificate certified. You need:

  • 1. Marriage documents Certified
  • 2. Marriage documents translated into English

Additionally speak to the embassy in your country as each will have their own way of doing this at the embassy. The fees will also differ so ensure that you have all the fees and the above listed documents for the British embassy in the country where you are located.

Marriage Registration Cost

Service Fee
Receiving a notice of marriage £65
Issuing a CNI or equivalent £65
Issuing any other consular letter or certificate in English £45
Issuing any other consular letter or certificate in any other language £70
Depositing a marriage certificate £35
Administering an oath or making a declaration £55

Marriages Abroad

Firstly if you are getting married to a woman who is not from the country you are in then you need to run an advert in the local newspaper. Secondly the British Embassy in country will be able to show you how this needs to be done as each country has their own process. Lastly as an example you are in Thailand getting married to a Cambodian. Speak to the embassy about the process. Also certain countries require to you be in the country a number of days before you can get married. This is your marriage abroad. If you are married abroad register in UK or register marriage abroad in UK then see below.

Applying for a CNI from the British Embassy

1. Firstly if the person you are getting married to is from the country in which you are then the process is easier. Lastly by example if you are getting married to a Thai in Thailand then the process is very simple.
2. See the listing for the embassy on the search button on the right and search for the embassy where your girlfriend is located. In this example you are looking for the British Embassy in Thailand
. Write the address down and see their contact details and operating hours. British Embassies in the Middle East are normally closed on Fridays as an example.
3. Once you have the contact details see the consular fees for that country so you know how much it will cost. This is important as the cost is not the same at all the embassies.

Once you have this you need to download the 2 forms below and hand this in at the British Embassy in the country. They will then issue you a Certificate of No Impediment at the British Embassy. Note that if you are divorced they will need a certified copy of your divorce decree. If your wife or husband has died they will need a certified death certificate. This needs to be handed in with the two applications below.

Download ‘Notice of marriage’ (PDF, 96KB)

Download ‘Affidavit for marriage’ (PDF, 58KB)

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