British Consulate in Jamaica

British ConsulateBritish Consulate in Jamaica. The British Consulate in Kingston Jamaica also handles all diplomatic matters for The Bahamas. If you need to apply for a British visa in The Bahamas then the Consulate in Kingston is where this process starts. Speak to the embassy staff in Kingston Jamaica for more information about obtaining a British visa or renewing your British passport while in Jamaica.

British Consulate in Jamaica

Firstly we have listed all the contact details for the Embassy in Kingston below. We have also included a map for the British consulate in Jamaica for this purpose. Like other countries and Embassies it is usually best to email them your questions.

British Consulate in Jamaica

British High Commission in Kingston Office

28 Trafalgar Road
PO Box 575
Kingston 10


Office Hours: Monday – Thursday  0800-1630 (local time) 1300-2130 (GMT)

Hours on Fridays:  0800-1300 (local time) : 1300-1800 (GMT)

Details: The British High Commissioner in Kingston, Jamaica is cross-accredited to The Bahamas.


For emergencies only: Out of hours Duty Officer contact number: +1 (876) 371 0496

Public Holidays in Jamaica (British Embassy):

These are the public holidays in Jamaica and for the British embassy in Kingston. Note that the embassy is closed on Jamaica holidays and some British holidays. You will note that the National Day of Jamaica is listed or as it calls it Independence day. Call or email the embassy before you visit the Embassy in Kingston.

Date Holiday Country celebrated
2 January In lieu of New Years Day (UK/Jamaica)
22 February Ash Wednesday (Jamaica)
06 April Good Friday (UK/Jamaica)
09 April Easter Monday (UK/Jamaica)
23 May Labour Day Jamaica
01 June Privilege Day for HM
Queen’s Birthday
04, June Spring Bank holiday (UK)
05,June Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (UK)
01 August Emancipation Day (Jamaica)
August 06 Independence Day Jamaica
27 August August Bank Holiday (UK)
15 October National Heroes Day Jamaica
24 December Christmas Privilege Day (UK)
25 December Christmas Holiday (UK/Jamaica)
26 December Boxing Day (UK/Jamaica)
28 December Christmas Privilege Day (UK)


British Embassy in Jamaica, Kingston

These are what the average processing times for those who have applied for a British visa in Jamaica are at present. Also like everything else ensure that you have all the needed documents for your application so that the visa process is smooth. Basically any documents that are short will create a delay in the visa process. Also you will note that the process times are on average 2-3 weeks which is rather fast considering the location. Besides see also the British Embassy in Hong Kong as well as the British Embassy Manila as well. Finally you can also see the article on Travel Advice for Samoa on here as well.


Visits Visas 5 days 10 days 15 days 40 days 90 days Total decisions made
Premium Visit (more than 6 months) 25% 30% 98% 100% 100% 71
General Visit (6 months or less) 18% 28% 98% 100% 100% 202
Business Visit (6 months or less) 60% 70% 95% 100% 100% 20
Family Visit (6 months or less) 17% 23% 97% 100% 100% 171
Transit (6 months or less) 2% 6% 100% 100% 100% 48
Other Visit (6 months or less) 18% 36% 93% 97% 98% 82


Points Based System Visas 5 days 10 days 15 days 40 days 90 days Total decisions made
PBS Tier 2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 1
PBS Tier 4 11% 16% 81% 100% 100% 60
PBS Tier 5 12% 16% 97% 100% 100% 49


Other Non Settlement Visas 5 days 10 days 15 days 40 days 90 days Total decisions made
EEA Family Permits 0% 0% 85% 100% 100% 7
Other Non-Settlement 28% 42% 100% 100% 100% 7


Settlement Visas 5 days 10 days 15 days 40 days 90 days Total decisions made
Settlement 0% 0% 0% 0% 100% 128


Finally the above data is for all decisions made in September 2012



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