British Consulate General Barcelona

British ConsulateThese are the contact details of the British Consulate General Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the better tourist towns in Spain next to Ibiza

and Madrid. There is a British Consulate in Barcelona if you are a tourist and need consular assistance while on holiday. This assistance is limited to certain things which the Consulate can assist you with. There is also the ability to seek advice about renewing a passport or applying for a passport if you have lost yours.

British Consulate General Barcelona

The contact details for the British Consulate in Barcelona has been listed below with a map and telephone and other details such as their street address which has also been listed below. Barcelona is the 10th-most-visited city in the world and there is a reason why. The city has much top offer tourists visiting the EU.

The city is also the third most visited city in Europe after London and Paris. Each year the city welcomes more than 8 million tourists. There is a map listed below with their contact details such as fax and telephone numbers as well. See also the article on British nationals in Spain as well as the contact details of the British Embassy in Spain.


British Consulate General Barcelona

If you are visiting for the first time. Then take some time to read the article on here called British Expatriates & Holiday Makers as well as see how many consular assistance cases come from Spain. That article you can read here. The article might be a bit dated. Take a look at the most common issues you might encounter while on holiday. Note that passport loss is the highest. See here how to obtain an emergency travel document.

British Consulate General Barcelona Office

El Consulado Britanico
Avda Diagonal 477 – 13
08036 Barcelona
  • Fax +34 933 666 221
  • Telephone enquiries: +34 91 714 6300





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