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British Embassy in Cambodia

British ConsulateBritish Embassy in Cambodia. If you are in Cambodia then you will note that the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is located close to TNT Express in the capital city. This Embassy issues visitors visas to Cambodians, spouse visas, fiancee visas and also will issue you a new British passport if you had your passport stolen while in Cambodia. The embassy has set hours for consular services and this is listed below.

British Embassy in Cambodia

Also note their email address if you are not in Phnom Penh and need answers before coming. The telephone number, street address and a map has been added to help find the British Embassy. If you are in the region you can also ask at the British Embassy in Thailand or the British Embassy in Hanoi.

British Embassy in Cambodia


British Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

27-29 Street 75
Sangkat Srah Chak
Khan Daun Penh
City: Phnom Penh



Urgent assistance

If you’re in Cambodia and you urgently need help (eg if you’ve been attacked, arrested or there has been a death), call +855 23 427 124.

Public Holidays in Cambodia (British Embassy):

Note that the public holidays for Cambodia do change from time to time. The listing of public holidays in Cambodia includes those that the British embassy would celebrate and close their offices during this time. You will note that Cambodia is not a Christian country but Christmas Day and boxing day as an example it is closed for consular services. Check with the embassy for any other dates.

DateEnglish name
January 2ndNew Year’s Day
Friday, April 6thGood Friday
Monday, April 9thEaster Monday
Friday, April 13thKhmer New Year
Monday, April 16thKhmer New Year
Monday, May 14thKing’s Birthday
Monday, June 4thSpring Bank Holiday
Tuesday, June 5thQueens 60th Diamond Jubilee
Monday, October 15thPchum Ben
Tuesday, October 16thPchum Ben
Tuesday November 27thWater Festival
Wednesday, Nov 28thWater Festival
Thursday, Nov 29thWater Festival
Tuesday, Dec 25thChristmas Day
Wednesday, Dec 26thBoxing Day


British Embassy Cambodia, Phnom Penh

The British Embassy in Phnom Penh has the following times when it comes to the issuance of a British visa. Note that the visitor visa for the UK isd the fastest and can take as little as 10 days however the non-immigrant visas do take much longer. Speak to the staff at the British Embassy in Cambodia for more information. Note that the National Day of Cambodia is on the 9th November. This was not included in the official calender of the embassy in Cambodia.


Visits Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made
Premium Visit (more than 6 months)0%100%100%100%100%1
General Visit (6 months or less)37%93%100%100%100%16
Business Visit (6 months or less)50%100%100%100%100%4
Family Visit (6 months or less)25%100%100%100%100%4
Other Visit (6 months or less)66%100%100%100%100%3


Points Based System Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made
PBS Tier 40%72%100%100%100%11
PBS Tier 50%0%100%100%100%1


Settlement Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made


The above data is for all decisions made in September 2012


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