British Embassy in Lebanon

British ConsulateBritish Embassy in Lebanon. The British Embassy in Lebanon is located in Beirut. We have again listed their contact numbers below if you want to apply for a British visa or contact the British Embassy in Beirut about applying for a British passport or renewing your passport. The embassy does offer consular services such as assistance if you are in an accident, arrested, register your child or register a marriage with the embassy.

British Embassy in Lebanon

We have also listed British Visa processing times with this embassy at the bottom of the page. Speak to the embassy staff if you have any further questions. Note their operating times and also the public holidays in Lebanon.

British Embassy in Lebanon

Embassy of Great Britain in Beirut, Lebanon

Serail Hill, embassy complex
Beirut Central District

PO Box : 11- 471 Beirut



Office hours:
Monday to Thursday, 6am to 2pm; Friday 6am to 12pm (GMT)
Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am to 2pm (Local Time)

Public Holidays in Lebanon:

The following public holidays are when the embassy will be closed. Their are also other British holidays such as Christmas and Easter when it is closed. Email the British Embassy in Beirut before you go to the embassy in person to ensure that they will be open on the day you arrive. Note also that certain holidays may change dates each year or are movable.

DateEnglish NameArabic NameFrench Name
January 1New Year’s Dayرأس السنة ‎Le Nouvel an
January 6Armenian Christmasعيد الميلاد – الأرمن الأرثودكس ‎Noël Arménien
February 9St. Maroun Dayعيد مار مارونLa Fête de Saint-Maron
March 25Feast of the Annunciationعيد البشارةLa Fête de l’Annonciation
Easter SundayGood Fridayجمعة الآلام ‎Vendredi saint
moveableEaster Sundayالفصح المجيد ‎Pâques
May 1Workers’ Dayعيد العمّالFête du Travail
August 15Feast of the Assumptionعيد إنتقال العذراء ‎L’Assomption de Marie
November 1All Saints’ Dayعيد جميع القديسينToussaint
November 22Independence Dayعيد الإستقلال ‎La Fête nationale
December 25Christmasعيد الميلادNoël
Dates following the lunar Islamic calendar
1 MuharramIslamic New Yearرأس السنة الهجرية ‎Le Nouvel an islamique
10 MuharramDay of Ashuraذكرى عاشوراء ‎La Fête de l’Achoura
12 Rabi’ al-awwalMawlidمولد النبيLe Mawlid
1 ShawwalEid ul-Fitrعيد الفطرL’Aïd el-Fitr
10 Dhu al-HijjahEid al-Adha


British Embassy in Lebanon, Beirut

These are the visa times for the British visa to be processed while in Lebanon. Note that the process if very fast if you have all the needed documents as required. Most people will obtain their British visa within 10 days of application. Also note that if you want to speak about immigration to the UK then you need to speak to the embassy staff for more information.

Visits Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made
Premium Visit (more than 6 months)83%98%100%100%100%231
General Visit (6 months or less)81%97%99%99%100%454
Business Visit (6 months or less)73%97%99%100%100%122
Family Visit (6 months or less)76%97%100%100%100%123
Transit (6 months or less)100%100%100%100%100%5
Other Visit (6 months or less)69%95%98%98%100%93


Points Based System Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made
PBS Tier 150%50%100%100%100%2
PBS Tier 2100%100%100%100%100%1
PBS Tier 478%90%92%99%100%165
PBS Tier 50%100%100%100%100%1


Other Non Settlement Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made
EEA Family Permits33%83%83%83%100%6
Other Non-Settlement80%90%90%90%100%10


Settlement Visas5 days10 days15 days40 days90 daysTotal decisions made


The above data is for all decisions made in September 2012


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