Shorten BNO naturalisation

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Shorten BNO naturalisation. After more than 4,000 people petitioned the UK government, Steve Double, a Conservative MP on July 10 proposed a motion to shorten the time needed for tier 4 and 5 BNO citizens to naturalise into British Nationals from 10 to five years. This would make BNO holders eligible for citizenship much earlier.

Shorten BNO naturalization

He said that the problems in Hong Kong and the growing size of the protests are becoming a concern. The Sino-British Joint Declaration is not being upheld. Also the UK cannot overlook the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong. This BNO issues had been brought up when BNO passport holders had voiced their concerns. This about the current impasse outside the Foreign Ministry, the Home Office and the Palace of Westminster. See also bno passport renewal and bno visa free countries.

The current legislation requires BNO passport holders to live in the UK for at least 10 years. Also not leave the UK for more than 540 days in order to be naturalised. In July of this year £319,493 had been raised via Gofundme for the 中英聯合聲明登報 UK Ad Campaign to Defend Sino-British JD. There is now a website called Stand with HKStand with HK. The idea was to raise funds to advocate defending the Sino-British Joint Declaration. To shorten BNO naturalisation would be interesting.


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