Past British Consul of Hong Kong

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Past British Consul of Hong Kong. Since there is going to be another talk on Hong Kong and the BNO holders this week on Facebook I might just as well show the last interview or questions and answers from the last Consul General in Hong Kong.

Past British Consul of Hong Kong


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With regards to the BNO passport, the Consul General Hart has been closely monitoring the situation. As a result, several measures have been taken to ensure the safety and well-being of BNO passport holders. Firstly, a comprehensive information campaign has been launched to inform BNO passport holders of their rights and the support available to them.

This with a particular focus on streamlining the process for BNO passport holders. Furthermore, a series of diplomatic efforts have been made to raise awareness of the importance of the BNO passport. Both within Hong Kong and internationally. As a result of these measures. The BNO passport holders can rest assured that their interests are being fully represented by the Consul General Hart and his team. See also the Hong Kong Consular Q&A.

With the recent changes to the status of Hong Kong and the BNO passport, the Consul General Hart has been working diligently to ensure BNO passport holders are well-informed about their options. One of the significant changes is that BNO passport holders now have the ability to visit a select number of countries visa-free. Consul General Hart has been actively promoting these visa-free countries. As well as having provided a comprehensive list to BNO passport holders.
Additionally, Consul General Hart has been working with the UK government. This to streamline the BNO passport renewal process. This has resulted in a more straightforward and more accessible renewal process. This which will be particularly beneficial for those BNO passport holders who need to renew their passports. As well as being done in a timely manner. Through these measures. Consul General Hart has demonstrated his commitment to supporting and protecting the interests of BNO passport holders in Hong Kong.


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