Hong Kong Consular Q&A – BNO

British Embassy

Hong Kong Consular Q&A – BNO. If you missed the Q&A session with the Hong Kong General Consul then we have it listed below. The questions had been very interesting and the answers, well you decide what you would make of it yourself. The first question was a tough one.

Hong Kong Consular Q&A – BNO

The answer is no and that Hong Kong belongs in the Chinese two state system. What is being experienced now it that there are small issues which can be overcome. This is followed by another question about the two state question and brings back the question which you read more often than not in the Hong Kong press and that is the view that Britain had discarded Hong Kongers.

The Consul made a slip and said that she does not disagree with that and then corrected herself and said that she disagrees with that. There was another question about the BNO passport. Is is possible to get BNO status then no only those who had it before can renew theirs as you can now renew your BNO online and BNO passport renewal. The rest of the interview is only about gay rights and living in Hong Kong.

Not alot of real hard questions and answers but none the less at least the issue has come up again. See also the BNO visa free countries as well as the BNO visa free article on here.



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