British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles)

British Consulate

The British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles) is one of the busiest British Consulates in the United States. If you are considering calling them then I would suggest it being a waste of your time. Emails are much better with this British Embassy. We have listed their contact details such as their telephone number, street address and a map of the area where you will find the embassy.

British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles)

The UK passport renewal Los Angeles see the page on UK Embassy in Washington. Likewise also see the passport tracking on this website. This as well as the British passport renewal online as well.

.British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles)


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British Consulate in LA (Los Angeles) Office

2029 Century Park East, Suite 1350
Los Angeles CA 90067


11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California 90025-6538
(310) 481 0031
(310) 789 0031
(310) 481 2960
Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 0830 – 1230


NOTE: The British Consulate General in Los Angeles represents the UK government in southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Guam and American Samoa. If you do not live in any of these areas then see the listing for the British Embassy in Washington for a listing of all the British consulates in the United States. See also the British Embassy in Spain as well as the British Embassy in Lebanon around the world.



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