UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

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Here is the UK Indefinite Leave to Remain or indefinite leave to remain UK, explanation and process. This is one of the most common terms in UK immigration. Normally referenced as ‘Permanent Residence’ the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is when a foreign national is granted Indefinite Leave to Remain being permission to live and work in the UK without restriction.

UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

The Visa categories which normally lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain include:

Indefinite Leave to Remain  is a type of immigration status in the UK. This immigration status allows an individual to live and work in the UK. Additionally without any restrictions on the length of their stay. It is also known as settled status.

To be eligible for ILR, you must have lived in the UK for a certain period of time. Additionally the person must certain criteria, such as passing a Life in the UK Test. Also  meeting the English language requirement, and not having any serious criminal convictions. See what happens when when you get it wrong. The UK visa appeal show the process over there.

The amount of time you must have lived in the UK before applying for ILR. Likewise this will depend on your visa category. Generally, you must have lived in the UK for at least five years. This under a qualifying visa category, such as work, study, or family visas.

If you are granted ILR, you can stay in the UK indefinitely and eventually apply for British citizenship if you meet the eligibility criteria. It is important to note that there are certain conditions attached to ILR, such as not spending more than two years outside the UK without obtaining a re-entry permit. See also the indefinite leave to remain UK as well as the UK Dependent Visa and the UK visa application. This outside the UK Ancestry Visa.

Indefinite leave to remain UK

You can apply for ILR online or by post. The application process can be complex, so it is recommended to seek professional advice or assistance from an immigration lawyer or advisor.

Note that there are requirements for the “Permanent Resident” status in the UK or indefinite leave to remain UK. The requirements if not listed above are as follows – generally speaking:

  • You have completed 5 years of continuous residence in the UK;
  • Additionally you have met certain income requirements;
  • You need to keep a detailed record of any absences from the UK over the last 5 years
  • You will be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the English language and life in the UK

Note also that you may be eligible to apply for British Citizenship 1 year after being granted Indefinite Leave to Remain. This would be the standard path to British citizenship. You can also see the UK work permit fees as well as the spouse visa fees.



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