UK Marriage Visit visa

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The UK Marriage visit visa and marriage visitor visa. Note that this is not a UK Spouse visa or a UK fiancee visa. This visa allows the person to enter the UK in order to marry another person who is not a UK resident. A good example of this visa is someone who is not a British national entering the UK to get married to someone on a UK Student visa.

UK Marriage Visit visa

Note that if you are entering the UK to marry a UK national then you will need a fiancee visa and not a Marriage visa visit. If you have no intention of settling or remaining in the UK then this would be the visa to apply for as this will allow you to enter the UK and simply get married and then leave. See the marriage visitor visa requirements below.

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UK Marriage Visit Visa Requirements

  • The applicant is genuinely seeking entry as a visitor for up to six months in the UK;
  • The applicant intends to leave the UK at the end of the visit;
  • Likewise the applicant does not intend to take up any employment while in the UK;
  • The applicant has sufficient money to support and accommodate himself/herself;
  • Additionally the applicant will not resort to public funds;
  • The applicant can meet the cost of a return or onward journey.

There are also further requirements for this visa:

  • The applicant is free to marry;
  • The applicant intends to marry during his/her visit;
  • Additionally the applicant can be supported without working or having recourse to public funds;
  • The applicant intends to leave the UK before the expiry date of the UK visa.

For this you are not only going to need a passport but also an affirmation from your Embassy or State Department. This to show that you are single. You are also going to need to show that you have enough funds. This and a return ticket which has been confirmed leaving before the expiration of the visa. If you are unsure about the requirements then seek advice from the British Embassy in your country or from a qualified solicitor. See also the UK unmarried partner visa as well as the UK  visitor visa.



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