UK Transit Visa Fees

British Consulate

If you are looking for a transit visa for the UK and the UK transit visa cost. Then there are two. See the prices listed below for the British Transit Visa which can be applied for. Nonetheless, note that the transit visa prices are as of November 2015 and you should contact the British Embassy or British High Commission in your country for the latest pricing.

UK Transit Visa Fees

The cost of a UK Transit Visa depends on the type of visa you require and how long you need to stay in the UK. See also the UK Study Visa fees as well as the UK Marriage Visa fees and the UK Work Visa fees. You will also need to look at the need for a TB test for UK Visa if you are going for a long term visa such as the UK Settlement Visa fees. The UK transit visa cost has been added below. There is also the family visa UK fees.

The current visa fees for UK Transit Visas are as follows:

  • Visitor in Transit Visa: £35 for a direct airside transit visa, £64 for a visitor in transit visa
  • DATV (Direct Airside Transit Visa): £35
  • Visitor Visa: £95 for a 6-month visa, £361 for a 2-year visa, £655 for a 5-year visa, £822 for a 10-year visa

Furthermore, it’s important to note that these fees are subject to change. Likewise it’s always best to check the UK government’s official website for up-to-date information on visa fees. Additionally, some applicants may be eligible for reduced or waived fees depending on their circumstances. Nonetheless such as children or those travelling for medical reasons.


Visa types Visa fee (USD)
Direct Airside Transit (DAT) 48
Join Ship/Aircraft 89

Visitors in transit

Visa types Visa fee (USD)
Visitor in transit 89



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