British Embassy in Bahrain

British ConsulateBritish Embassy in Bahrain. The British Embassy in Bahrain is in Manama close to the Sheraton Complex. The contact details are listed below however note that being a Muslim country the Embassy in Bahrain is closed on Fridays. The telephone number, street address, a map and their operating hours are listed below if you are going to the British Embassy in person.

British Embassy in Bahrain

Also note that you may want to apply for a visitors visa for the UK in Bahrain, fiancee visa or a UK spouse visa if you are looking at taking your fiancee or wife back to the UK with you. You may also obtain a new British passport at the Embassy or register your children born in Bahrain as British nations at the Embassy.

In case of a lost passport while in the country, you are required to report to the Bahrain police for a case number. Subsequently, the police will issue a letter, which you should present at the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport or apply for a new one. See also the emergency travel document UK contact number if you are worried about your passport. If you reside in Bahrain, you will have to wait for a new passport and have your old Gambian visa transferred to the new one. While you can also apply for a new passport online, you will still need the police report. Additionally, if you have the tracking number, you can track your passport online. Additionally see how to apply for your passport online as well as track passport application online as well.

British Embassy in Bahrain

There is also the British Embassy in Azerbaijan and the British Embassy in Austria and the British Consulate in Perth.


British Embassy in Manama

21 Government Avenue
P O Box 114
Manama 306, Kingdom of Bahrain
City: Manama



Contact form for consular enquiries:

Sunday to Thursday, 04:30am to 1130am GMT
Sunday to Thursday, 07:30 to 02:30pm Local Time

Consular counter hours: Sunday and Tuesday: 08:00 to 10:00am. You will need to make an appointment in advance for all routine notarial and documentary services.

Public Holidays in Bahrain (British Embassy):

If you are planning on making use of the British Embassy in Manama then note the public holidays in Bahrain. Also note that the embassy makes use of both Bahrain and British national and public holidays. A good example is the National day of Bahrain. The British embassy is also closed on the normal Christian holidays such as Christmas, New Years day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. Email the embassy in Manama before you pay them a visit to ensure that they are open.

01 January 2013 Tuesday New Year’s Day
23 January 2013 Wednesday Prophet’s Birthday* 1434
01 May 2013 Wednesday Labour Day
07August 2013 Wednesday Eid Al Fitr* 1434
08 August 2013 Thursday Eid Al Fitr* 1434
09 August 2013 Friday Eid Al Fitr* 1434
14 October 2013 Monday Eid Al Adha* 1434
15 October 2013 Tuesday Eid Al Adha* 1434
16 October 2013 Wednesday Eid Al Adha* 1434
04 November 2013 Monday Al Hijra New Year * 1435
12 November 2013 Tuesday Ashoora * 1435
13 November 2013 Wednesday Ashoora * 1435
16 December 2013 Monday National Day
17 December 2013 Tuesday National Day
 *All Islamic holidays are subject to confirmation at the time


Bahrain Visa Processing:

The British Embassy has service standards for processing any UK visa applications in Bahrain. The current standards are shown below as to the visa processing time in Bahrain:

  • 90 per cent of non-settlement applications within 3 weeks, 98% within 6 weeks and 100% within 12 weeks of the application date; and
  • 95 per cent of settlement applications within 12 weeks and 100% within 24 weeks of the application date.

There are a number of British Embassies in the Middle East and the region. If you are not in Bahrain the you may speak to another embassy that is located in the country where you are at present.


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