British Consulate in Toronto

British Consulate

The British Consulate in Toronto Canada is located very close to the College Station in Toronto. The Consulate is mainly for Trade & Industry and British Investments.  They will issue you visas at last we heard but it is always best to first call them or to email them about the status with regards to British visitor visas, business visas, marriage visas or if it is for your Canadian girlfriend or boyfriend then a fiancee visa.

British Consulate in Toronto

The telephone numbers are listed below with the street address and a map for the Consulate in Toronto. If you have lost your passport then you will need to report this loss to the local police station. They will provide you with a letter to state that the loss has been reported. Once done you will need this for a new passport. See below the emergency travel document process as well as how to renew your British passport.

If you gave birth in Toronto, they you will need to birth certificates issued by the Canadian government. From there you will need all other documents such as passports and a national ID card if one of the people are Canadian. There is also photo and other documents required. Contract the Consulate or Embassy for more information. You can also see some older guidance here.

British Consulate in Toronto

British Consulates in Canada

British High Commission Ottawa British Consulate in Montreal
British Consulate in Calgary British Consulate in St. John’s

See the list of British Consulates in Canada. If you have lost your passport then you will need to report this to local Canadian police. They will give you a letter to state that you have reported the loss. They will need this when you apply for a new passport. If you need an emergency passport then you can apply here (takes to to UK If you want to renew your passport then click here (takes you to UK GOV. website). We have also covered it here.

British Consulate-General in Toronto Office

British Trade & Investment Office
777 Bay Street
Suite 2800, College Park
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2G2


  • Phone: (1) (416) 593 1290
  • Fax: (1) 416 593 1229
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: GMT: Mon-Fri: 1400 – 2130 Local Time: Mon-Fri: 0900 – 1630


*** If you need a visa for the UK then call or email the British Embassy in Canada for more assistance. This consulate will not be able to assist you with those issues. Otherwise see also the British Embassy in Germany and British Embassy in Belgium for other information.



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