British Consulate in Montreal

British ConsulateThe British Consulate in Montreal Canada does not issue visas for the UK and you need to contact the British High Commission in Ottawa

for assistance in that regard. For all other issues that you may need consular assistance you may contact this British Consulate. Note the address and telephone numbers if you need to contact them and the map in the event that you wish to pay a visit to the Consulate in Montreal.

British Consulate in Montreal

Firstly if you have lost your passport then it needs to be reported. This has to be done at the local police station. The letter they give you will be needed later when you apply for a new passport. If you are on holiday in Canada then an emergency travel document can be arranged. If not then a passport needs to be applied for. This takes about three weeks. You can see below under the Google map where to do this online on the links.

If you gave birth then you will need to see some of the basics which has been explained here. The original birth certificate and other documents will need to be provided. Passports or national ID if one of the parents is Canadian. It takes awhile to complete this process. Yo9u can start by reading the process here.


British Consulate in Montreal

British Consulates in Canada

British High Commission Ottawa British Consulate in Vancouver
British Consulate in Calgary British Consulate in St. John’s
British Consulate in Toronto

See the list of British Consulates in Canada. If you have lost your passport then you will need to report this to local Canadian police. They will give you a letter to state that you have reported the loss. They will need this when you apply for a new passport. If you need an emergency passport then you can apply here (takes to to UK If you want to renew your passport then click here (takes you to UK GOV. website). We have also covered it here.

British Consulate-General in Montreal Office

2000 McGill College Avenue
Suite 1940

Montreal Quebec H3A 3H3


  • Phone: (1) (514) 866 5863
  • Fax: (1) (514) 866 0202
  • Office Hours: GMT: Mon-Fri: 1400-2200 Local Time: Mon-Fri: 0900-1700


Details: However please note that the British High Commission in Ottawa is the only mission within Canada that offers a Visa Service.



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