TB Test in Cambodia

British Embassy

Need the TB Test in Cambodia? If you get married in Cambodia then you will need to apply for a UK Spouse visa for your Cambodian wife. She will however require a TB test in order to obtain the UK visa and you can find the requirements for the TB test in Cambodia listed below. Note that the British Embassy in Cambodia will give you a list of requirements to obtain the visa and this is part of the process.

TB Test in Cambodia

If you have married in Cambodia then you must be tested for tuberculosis if you are applying for a UK spouse visa. This is also needed if you are going to the UK for 6 months or longer. The test must be done at an approved clinic in Cambodia and there is only one. Note that chest X-Rays are also part of this process so you might want to consider you visa application if your Khmer wife or fiancee is pregnant. This is needed for the UK Spouse visa as well as the UK Fiancee visa. This is the iom TB test.

Phnom Penh – International Organisation For Migration (IOM)
No. 281, Norodom Bld
Tai Ming building
4th floor
Khan Chamcarmorn
Phnom Penh

Tel: 855-23-216532

Fax: 023 216 423

E-mail: iomphnompe@iom.int

Note that only tests from this clinic will be accepted. You will need to contact them for an appointment. Also note that 75 US dollars must be paid on the day of the chest X-ray examination at the clinic.



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